Sabold Design is a consulting business founded on the principle of listening to the customer’s needs and providing solutions that are straight forward, affordable, and aesthetically appealing.

We provide design and engineering solutions in a variety of markets including Machine Design, Facility Design & Integration, Packaging Design, and Reverse Engineering.  We can also provide CAD support.

Call us to discuss your company’s requirements.  Sabold Design is based in Bernville, Pennsylvania.  We serve customers in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, as well as Pennsylvania.


Sabold will help you design and oversee the construction of your new plant or production facility. We can also help you redesign the processes in your current facility.

Machine Design


Sabold will help you design solutions your manufacturing and constructions needs.  From drilling operations to pneumatic actuation to construction platforms, Sabold will work with you to design and implement an approach that meets your needs.

Package Design


Sabold offers design, analysis, and rendering services for all packaging requirements. We specialize in blow-molded and thermal-formed technology with PET and Polyolefin materials.  Sabold will help you conceptualize and detail your package in 3D with CAD. If there are structural criteria, we can model and test your container using Finite Element Analysis.


Sabold can reverse engineer your machined parts.  Do you have an older machine with parts that have no drawings?  Sabold can reverse engineer the parts you need and provide you with the drawings you require to make replacements.  We can measure and recreate your parts in 3D CAD and supply you with the machine drawings.